So Adam Phillups won the NG Tank award for best animation huh? And NG Rumble got the one for best game? Wow. Great. Fucking awesome. You know what? NO. It's not fucking awesome. This site has been sticking to the same shit for FAR TOO LONG. Whether it be Tom with his oh-so-mature toilet humor or the seemingly unending deluge of stick figure flashes. On top of that, when some big awards are passed out, guess who wins? Fucking Adam Phillups and something "Contributed to" by Tom. Holy shit. Big fucking shocker. Come the fuck on man. Let's refer to the motto of the site: "Everything by everyone". Really? Then why is it that when the big awards get handed out the little guys are left in the dust? Wtf man? I mean, I've got no beef with Adam getting an award, he's fucking amazing. And I admit that Ng Rumble was the shit back when I played it. But that's just it. THEY'RE OLD. Yeah they were made in 2008. But COME ON MAN we need some fucking fresh material here. Stop whoring out Madness, stop spamming us with fucking PICO of all things, and gave the little guys A FUCKING CHANCE FOR ONCE. This site was founded for anyone to post thier work. So why is it that this site seems to focus so much on over-popular things? Here's a few tips: Get rid of Pico(HE'S OLD NEWS, GET THE FUCK OVER IT), stop shoving your madness down our throats, and maybe just fucking maybe start actually paying attention to your own damn site. FUCK!

All Internet Fads Must Die

2008-04-03 13:49:07 by Sykotic-Sword

A new Flash Movie I'll be working on. Yes it's non-sprite...damn haters. The title kind of explains what it's about. Internet fads getting killed in different and humorous ways. Hopefully I will actually FINISH this. I've been extremely lazy lately so no promises. I may or may not submit a preview. It depends on how it goes. Have fun posting hate messages.

Tired of Fuckbags

2008-04-02 00:46:15 by Sykotic-Sword

You know what's pissing me off lately? People who seem to think the old way of animating is the best way. Last time I checked, a tweened motion was smoother than a frame-by-frame And all this, "Your character has no emotion" bullshit needs to end right fucking now. I'm sick of this, "Why isn't he smiling?" shit and also the, "He's supposed to have a personality" BS. Hey, geuss what? Characters don't have fucking emotion until they actually FEEL it. Christ man. Fucking people act like, "OMG PORKY HAS SO MUCH PERSONALITY!". No, he doesn't. He's a damn pig. All he has is a damn happy face ALL THE TIME. That's not personality, that's stereotyping. "Hey let's create a cute little pig becuase everyone loves fake cute characters.". FUCK, THAT. My point is that a character shouldn't have depth RIGHT AWAY. He/She should have depth because of thier actions and/or words. The plot of the story they are involved in gives them personality, not looks. Example: An attractive female with a smile looks nice and inviting. WRONG. Chances are she knows she's attractive, and she's a bitch about it. So many undertones, so little time.

Leaving NG

2008-03-26 04:44:52 by Sykotic-Sword

Hey, guess what? I'm leaving. Why? Becuase this site fucking sucks now. I can't seem to understand why Tom can't put any better flash movies on front page. WTH?! Seriously. NOTHING has been worth watching. NOTHING. Maybe I'll stop by to post a new flash movie or something but I'm pretty much done all together with Flash. It's lost it's luster it once had. *sigh* I guess I wish things were like back when I first came here. Back when I heard about NG through G4. Oh well. It's been fun. See ya.

(As a side note I'm sure someone is going to be a douchebag about my negative reviews lately cuz apparently that's how people try to make up for thier own imperfections. Point out other ones. Have fun jackasses. Hope this boosts your self esteem enough for you to look your blow up doll in the eyes.)

EDIY: If a person doesn't place certain flash movies on front page then how the hell do they get custom decriptions there then? And don't tell me some bullshit like the creator writes it becuase if you're a flash author you'd know that there isn't a section to type that.

Megaman Zero: Vengance

2008-02-09 16:25:45 by Sykotic-Sword

*GASP* Progress?! What?!? NO WAI!! Yep. I've actually made progress on a 4 year, on and off, flash movie I'm working on. It's a sprite movie so if you don't like'em, STFU. What you were expecting me to be polite? NO FUCK YOU. On to the point, mister i-hate-sprite-movies-cuz-they-r-teh-su xxorz. I may or may not be releasing the movie in two parts. Right now it's about 5.36 Megs and it's about 1/2 done but I don't know if it's going to get alot bigger or generally stay the same. Depending on if it get's bigger or not I'll release it in two parts. Part one should be done soon if I don't get lazy or someone want's me to hangout. That's right, I only work on flash when I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Which would explain the recent craptacularness of Sp@zTV or what I would like to call, F*** SH** D*** poppycock. Well, MMZV should be done soon, 2 parts or not. Have fun being douchebags in the mean time all you sprite haters.

It's finally done.

2007-11-01 23:44:25 by Sykotic-Sword

Random Shit 3 is finished and has been submitted.

Random Shit 3

2007-10-29 23:08:50 by Sykotic-Sword

Random Shit 3 is in development and is coming along nicely. I seem to be in a slump right now due to the fact that I can't come up with any new ideas. Don't bother suggesting anything becuase I'd rather create scenes myself so that I can be proud of the whole thing and be able to say that "I made this" without lieing in some way.

Random Shit Part 2

2007-09-03 11:24:14 by Sykotic-Sword

R@nd0m Sh!t - Part 2 is out. I've worked hard on this one and I'm happy with the way it turned out. Please vote on it for me. Oh, and don't be a douce like hardyboyz1 was in his review.