Leaving NG

2008-03-26 04:44:52 by Sykotic-Sword

Hey, guess what? I'm leaving. Why? Becuase this site fucking sucks now. I can't seem to understand why Tom can't put any better flash movies on front page. WTH?! Seriously. NOTHING has been worth watching. NOTHING. Maybe I'll stop by to post a new flash movie or something but I'm pretty much done all together with Flash. It's lost it's luster it once had. *sigh* I guess I wish things were like back when I first came here. Back when I heard about NG through G4. Oh well. It's been fun. See ya.

(As a side note I'm sure someone is going to be a douchebag about my negative reviews lately cuz apparently that's how people try to make up for thier own imperfections. Point out other ones. Have fun jackasses. Hope this boosts your self esteem enough for you to look your blow up doll in the eyes.)

EDIY: If a person doesn't place certain flash movies on front page then how the hell do they get custom decriptions there then? And don't tell me some bullshit like the creator writes it becuase if you're a flash author you'd know that there isn't a section to type that.


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2008-03-26 05:25:54

first of all, tom dosnt put the flashes on front page, if they get good rates they get front page. Second of all find your bearings young man

Sykotic-Sword responds:

What the hell does "Find your bearings young man" mean? Seriously. Do you come with subtitles?


2008-03-26 08:51:49

I agree the site has gone to shit!!!!

Sykotic-Sword responds:

Thanks for agreeing. God how I miss the old NG. The one that was awesome. Back when Super Flash Bros. where new and Decline was still a new series.