Tired of Fuckbags

2008-04-02 00:46:15 by Sykotic-Sword

You know what's pissing me off lately? People who seem to think the old way of animating is the best way. Last time I checked, a tweened motion was smoother than a frame-by-frame And all this, "Your character has no emotion" bullshit needs to end right fucking now. I'm sick of this, "Why isn't he smiling?" shit and also the, "He's supposed to have a personality" BS. Hey, geuss what? Characters don't have fucking emotion until they actually FEEL it. Christ man. Fucking people act like, "OMG PORKY HAS SO MUCH PERSONALITY!". No, he doesn't. He's a damn pig. All he has is a damn happy face ALL THE TIME. That's not personality, that's stereotyping. "Hey let's create a cute little pig becuase everyone loves fake cute characters.". FUCK, THAT. My point is that a character shouldn't have depth RIGHT AWAY. He/She should have depth because of thier actions and/or words. The plot of the story they are involved in gives them personality, not looks. Example: An attractive female with a smile looks nice and inviting. WRONG. Chances are she knows she's attractive, and she's a bitch about it. So many undertones, so little time.


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2008-04-02 02:02:15

I havn't seen your animations so I can't complain. :P

Sykotic-Sword responds:

Then watch them. Or at least look at RS2 or RS3. My other animations admitably SUCK.


2008-04-30 17:08:29

aren't we all I hate it except if they are a robot meant to like a human characters need a wide range of emotions or they suck I myself have some ideas for animations for this site but I suck beyond hell and can't make a decent flash animation or sprite animation.