Megaman Zero: Vengance

2008-02-09 16:25:45 by Sykotic-Sword

*GASP* Progress?! What?!? NO WAI!! Yep. I've actually made progress on a 4 year, on and off, flash movie I'm working on. It's a sprite movie so if you don't like'em, STFU. What you were expecting me to be polite? NO FUCK YOU. On to the point, mister i-hate-sprite-movies-cuz-they-r-teh-su xxorz. I may or may not be releasing the movie in two parts. Right now it's about 5.36 Megs and it's about 1/2 done but I don't know if it's going to get alot bigger or generally stay the same. Depending on if it get's bigger or not I'll release it in two parts. Part one should be done soon if I don't get lazy or someone want's me to hangout. That's right, I only work on flash when I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Which would explain the recent craptacularness of Sp@zTV or what I would like to call, F*** SH** D*** poppycock. Well, MMZV should be done soon, 2 parts or not. Have fun being douchebags in the mean time all you sprite haters.


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