All Internet Fads Must Die

2008-04-03 13:49:07 by Sykotic-Sword

A new Flash Movie I'll be working on. Yes it's non-sprite...damn haters. The title kind of explains what it's about. Internet fads getting killed in different and humorous ways. Hopefully I will actually FINISH this. I've been extremely lazy lately so no promises. I may or may not submit a preview. It depends on how it goes. Have fun posting hate messages.


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2008-04-03 15:26:38

There have been "All NG fads must die", which is VERY close to internet fads, because most internet fads seep on here.

But good luck.

Sykotic-Sword responds:

Shit. I knew there was something simliar to that effect here I just couldn't remember the name. I'll take a look at it in a little bit to see if anything I was going to make fun of is on there.